Welcome to StamTec!

StamTec, based in Thessaloniki - Greece, designs, develops and manufactures control panels for lifts.

StamTec products are manufactured in accordance with current European and Greek regulations. Specifically, StamTec control panels comply fully with the requirements of the Community Directives 95/16/EC, 2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EC and are in conformity with standards EN12015, EN12016, EN 60439-1, EN 81-1 and EN 81-2. Based on the long experience of its executives, presents two decades of constantly rising, making StamTec one of the leading manufacturers of lift control panels in Greece, with sales also in the Balkan Peninsula, in the Mediterranean Islands and the Arab countries.

Company's principle is to manufacture high technology lift control panels, having as principles the safety, the quality, and the ongoing support of all its products. Chosen materials from well known suppliers are used in the manufacture of the control panels so that their correct, smooth and long lasting operation may be ensured.

Main board Zero is designed and manufactured entirely by StamTec. Programming and configuration are made directly on board. Immediate and easy determination of any faulty operation may be ascertained via the pioneering fault and event recording. Discernible legible messages appear on the liquid crystal display concerning the type of fault, the car location and direction at the time the fault appears, as well as the degree of its repetition.

- Elevator Control Panels
- Hydraulic Lift Control Panels with Emergency Lowering System: Direct On Line Start, Star-Delta Start, Hydraulic VVVF, Any Valve Block
- Traction Lift Control Panels: One Speed, Two Speed, VVVF Control

- Emergency Battery Powered Evacuation Systems for All Type Traction Elevators
- Car Serial Interface Board Incorporated in Pre-wired Lift Inspection Control Box
- Landing Serial Interface Boards
- Reactive Power Compensation Panels (Cost Correction)